“Crystal Clear, shiny reflections, bare essence, purrfect body great eye and imagination !!! when coming across Crystalship’s works in Flickr, I was impressed by the shininess of her works, mostly raw  SL but wonderously accomplished and finely treated, her poses and her avi adorn the canvas and magically seduce the viewer.
It’s a pleasure and honor to have her works here at SecondVision and I am sure that you will appreciate them greatly.”

– Omurtag Milev


“Crystal is one my last real true friends that i have on the metaverse.
Well, she may not feel this way since I tend to be a flaky bitch most of the time, but hey, I wanted to write something here and say a few things that I like about her.
First, she consistently creates great new art almost every day, which is pretty amazing in itself, especially since it is very easy to lose some steam sometimes, but she keeps on going no matter what.
Second, she avoids all drama and seems to almost not be aware of it or become involved in it.
Third, she always listens and almost always has a fresh perspective to share with everything.
anyways you get the idea, she rocks and I dig her and her vision.
much love and respect

– Jenn Villota


“Crystal, an accomplished though somewhat under recognized photographer, will be sharing the first floor of the gallery with Wicked. Her work is creative, imaginative, and moving. Sometimes a bit dark but always invokes emotion.”

– Bobbi Laval


“Crystalship-Rehula is a photographer in RL and this, she says, perhaps explains why she is in Second Life, a virtual world that she uses as a canvas for her images, inspired to “situations in which she is involved but sometimes also the result of her imagination”.This seems certain, given that many of her images are cyberpunk, so not so easy to experience in reality. Crystalship by her own admission is above all a careful observer of the human soul, an exploration of virtual spaces and the psyche, an artist who creates images every time something strikes her heart (and, I bet, this lights a spark in the soul as in the mind).Her gallery, composed of hundreds of shots, is rich in themes that are certain bishops treasures of gems, gold and silver caskets and reliquaries valuable, ranging from black and white as “Paying a visit on Earth” as a sepia-toned images in “Another brick in the wall” until the shots like a rainbow-colored, like “Bubble Gum”.We pass from portraits to landscapes as “Katra zil Shuki” almost postcard-like “Groll Inn & Hideout”, images from high-tech as glamorous as those “Cyborg”, “The bride”, even those with a strong erotic charge, as in “….” Do not miss the quotes as with film “North by Northwest”, Hitchcock’s original title of the film.Having to find a common thread in such a versatile artist, known mainly for use in dark tones, which makes images look sharper, a time suspended, as if frozen by the click of a photographer, known images where the imagination of the artist reinterprets objects, faces and places otherwise trivial even in their daily lives (see “Dandelion”).In short: when you see an image of Crystalship Rehula easily you will be saying “I’d like to know how to create similar images, if only I could”. She is, and fortunately for us she shares her skills with all the fans of digital art that offers its graphic dreams.”

– Luciana Pinazzo

“You have great pictures.Awesome Artist!”

Crystal is a very interesting artist, able to use virtual worlds like a canvas for her images which are always very intense, dark-mood, powerful. We featured her work in our column, Graphic Dreams, on since March 2010 (take a look at ) and since then Crystal was able to surprise us with new works every time different in theme and style, from b&w to sepia, from colorful to dark ones, from portratis to landscape or still life. We can just admire her for her talent.

– Luca Spoldi


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