Crystal (Crystalship Rehula on Second Life) is my virtual self, a representation of my “perfect me” maybe. I’ve been using Second Life since the beginning of 2007 and very quickly got interested in its artistic possibilities. I am a photographer in my physical life so it appeared natural for me to use virtual worlds to produce images that I certainly couldn’t easily do with real photography, the economy on Second Life being much cheaper than the one in real life.

I am using Second Life the same way as I’m using “First Life”. I use the Second Life viewer the same way I use a camera so I can produce raw snapshots on which I can work on. I always try to create as much as possible on Second Life since I think my technical abilities with image softwares are somewhat limited. I am passionate about moods, colors, tints, slight effects, textures and that’s what I will work on the most. I don’t mean I’m succeeding every time but some of my pictures do reflect my own inner self, my weird moods, my hopes, my losses, my dreams and my demons. My pictures are a way for me to exorcise all of this.

Please feel free to give me any kind of feedback, it’s always very useful for me.

ШHΛT’S THIS ΛЯT was originally the name of an “art” gallery created by Crystalship Rehula in the virtual world Second Life. If you already have an avatar there click HERE if you want to teleport to the gallery. This name is now used for the inworld group “What’s this art?”, for Crystal’s Flickr and Koinup photostreams and also is used now for two groups on these websites. These groups’ main goal is to discover and showcase art that is made with and in virtual worlds.


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