Do humans dream of mechanical horses?


Intelligent, classy, well-educated woman who says “fuck” a lot

Karma T-Girl’s comment on my previous flickr account… hilarious =)

“what the fuck did you fucking expect from these fucking flicker folks? Were you expecting to get the fucking Nobel Prize or some other fucking award? If more fucking flicker fuckers can’t add a fucking comment on such a fucking awesome image, I say fuck ’em (and the fucking horse they fucking rode in on). What the fuck do they know about fucking art? They wouldn’t know a fucking award-winning image if it fucking crawled up their fucking underwear and bit the living fuck out of them. What the fuck is this fucking flickr community coming to?”

Do Electric Sheep Dream Of Androids?

I made this in 2009 on a MacBook Pro with a 512Ko bandwidth. I used Second Life, ScreenFlow and iMovie. I’m not sure about the “story”, it kinda means nothing imho… but my goal was to try to recreate the mood of Blade Runner. It’s all been filmed on the now long gone role-play sim “NOMOS” on Second Life.

And yes, I know I made a mistake on “Sheep” 😛