Sense of doubt

Sense of doubt by ★ CЯYSTΛL ★
Sense of doubt, a photo by ★ CЯYSTΛL ★ on Flickr.

[>Feel it]


Love you forever

Love you forever by ★ CЯYSTΛL ★
Love you forever, a photo by ★ CЯYSTΛL ★ on Flickr.

Sometimes… you just have to judge… and act accordingly…

Dedicated to V.


Life during wartime

Life during wartime by ★ CЯYSTΛL ★
Life during wartime, a photo by ★ CЯYSTΛL ★ on Flickr.

This ain’t no party
This ain’t no disco
This ain’t no fooling around
No time for dancing, or lovey dovey
I ain’t got time for that now

We are the dead

We are the dead by ★ CЯYSTΛL ★
We are the dead, a photo by ★ CЯYSTΛL ★ on Flickr.


Something kind of hit me today
I looked at you and wondered if you saw things my way
People will hold us to blame
It hit me today, it hit me today

We’re taking it hard all the time
Why don’t we pass it by?
Just reply, you’ve changed your mind
We’re fighting with the eyes of the blind
Taking it hard, taking it hard


Back in town again

Back in town again by ★ CЯYSTΛL ★
Back in town again, a photo by ★ CЯYSTΛL ★ on Flickr.

I wasn’t satisfied with Back in Town so I reworked it a bit… still looks shitty but at least it’s much darker…